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As a leading mining consultancy, we not only excel in identifying top-tier talent for our clients but also proudly champion the cause of community service.

Recognising the profound impact we can have on societal wellbeing, we go above and beyond in supporting charitable initiatives. By strategically aligning with philanthropic organisations, we channel our financial resources, industry expertise and expansive network to contribute meaningfully to the causes we believe in.

In embodying a spirit of corporate social responsibility, we exemplify the integration of business success with a genuine commitment to social betterment, making our firm a beacon in both the leadership search and community landscapes.

Meridian Global Foundation

ivy & gecko is committed to giving back to our community. ​We donate a proportion of our firms monthly income to the Meridian Global Foundation. Meridian was founded in 2005 by four Perth-based business people who were keen to re-invest in their community in a sustainable and tangible way.

The guiding concepts of Meridian are:

  • Connect – Connecting a diverse range of passionate and motivated people through regular member events and projects
  • Challenge – Creating growth in members and communities
  • Contribute – Making a difference through Meridian supported projects that are sustainable, ethical, empowering, innovative and inspiring

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Rotary International

ivy & gecko Partner, David Beilby, has enjoyed a relationship with Rotary International spanning 30 years. During this time, he was an active volunteer and a member of the Board of one of Perth’s largest Rotary Clubs.

In recent times, David was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship for his exemplary contribution to community fund-raising and community service.

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