Smart Value


Futureproof your company by becoming the employer of choice in the Australian mining industry.

Alana Bray-White’s and David Beilby’s new book, Smart Value, is essential reading for Australia’s mining Board Directors, C-suite Executives and Heads of People & Culture. It presents the findings of original research completed in 2023 and reveals insights gained during their extraordinary 50 year collaboration with past and present mining leaders.

For too long, many of our ASX mid-tier companies have succumbed to the public relations and recruitment spending power of the major miners, engaged in a bruising contest to attract and retain the industry’s most valuable managers and executives.

But the balance of power is shifting. The more agile and imaginative mid-tiers are becoming smarter in how they pitch and deliver their value. They’ve learned to pivot, embrace disruption and adapt to shifts in market sentiment. At last, they’re punching above their weight and outmanoeuvring their larger global competitors.


This book will help you:

  • Discover what really matters to Australia’s managers and executives in 2023 – you may be surprised!
  • Learn how to curate value propositions that will strengthen your company’s brand and attract the right people.
  • More accurately assess the value of people, including their stretch capacity and fit to culture.
  • Understand how to engage and develop critically talented people, to earn their loyalty and thwart the poaching attempts of competing miners and search consultants.
  • Discover the 2023 mid-tier employers of choice, as nominated by Australia’s senior mining talent. Learn how these value-agile companies have built sustainable competitive advantage.